Influencer Marketing Branded Content

Since the advent of influencer marketing in India with content creators, Divo has achieved the milestone of activating the first creator driven marketing campaign on digital in South India in 2017. Through our pioneering efforts, we have developed a deep understanding of this space. This has led us to match the expectations of brands, creators and most importantly the audience. We have focused on brand and creative solutions as our core differentiator to ensure brands and creators are able to effectively use the medium. Plus, we have a regional presence in each market to ensure a strong understanding of the market, language and audience. We have since then worked with over 2000+ creators, celebs and with over 200+ brands across categories from FMCG to OTT to fintech to edtech and more.

Digital Media Ads, Planning and Marketing

As a leading and premier partner of leading ad networks such as Google, etc. We have experts that are capable of developing excellent online media solutions that will attract more and more potential customers and increase your business growth. We have handled end to end media ads planning, strategy, buying, social media marketing, creatives for leading media and entertainment companies and major regional retailers and D2C companies.

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