Global music distribution

Whether you are a budding artist, a professional, a music label or a movie studio, our direct global relationships across various music revenue sources, including Digital Service Providers (DSPs), video platforms, mobile telecom operators, radio, TV, etc. Ensure to maximise your reach and revenue.

Music publishing and admin services

We maintain direct relationships with copyright societies, performance rights organisations, DSPs, etc., so that all royalties related to your publishing and sound recording worldwide are collected by us on priority when your music gets played and that too directly at the source. This includes the cases of radio, television and public performances. Our monitoring team makes sure that your royalties are identified, reported and collected. So, with us by your side, you can publish your music worldwide and earn royalties across every revenue and royalty stream.


Record label

We are one of the newest music labels in India, having entered in 2014, but our name is already recognized among the top music companies in the country. Our company collaborates with artists, music producers, and soundtrack producers to create music. Click here to let us help in your music journey!

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